Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 11 - Carrie's Inlaid Table Runner

Whew - getting closer to the end, but as the designs get more complex (well, complex for me as a beginner anyway) progess slows down.

Here is Carrie's design....... made from combined grid blocks.

For this I have chosen colours similar to the one's Carrie has used as it makes it easier to follow the instructions (which are written according to fabric colour) as well as envisage the end result. 

If I deviate from the sample colours too much, I take a photo-copy of the instructions and change the instructions to reflect the colours of my own fabrics, otherwise it can all get pretty confusing.

Here are my fabric choices, and again I need to lose one as I only need 4 fabrics.

The main fabric also has a matching border print

These fabrics all came from Chocolate Coated in Victoria.  I spotted the sunflower fabric on the website(getting the idea I like sunflowers?) on sale and emailed for help in selecting co-ordinating fabrics.  It's tricky getting a true colour on a monitor so I was reluctant to try to select them myself.  Lara Gibbons from chocolate-coated.com came to my aid by making the above selections for me.  Thank you Lara - decent customer service is getting far too rare these days.

I'll spend some time this afternoon doing mock ups.  Doing these not only helps with fabric selection, but also gets the design layout into my head, so it's easier to know what's going on as I put it together.

Before I get sewing on this project though, I need to do some exercises from the next chapter, Understanding Terminology.  The lessons are about figuring out necessary yardage for making blocks, borders and backing.  A useful skill indeed!


  1. Dont know if you want help with your colour choice, but I think I would drop the dark one on the left. Lovely fabric!

  2. Hi, Lesley--

    I can't decide which of your fabric combinations is my favourite...the red "flowery" project or the colour choices for this. I particularly love bold, vibrant colour selections! I wrote earlier as anonymous and am simply IN AWE of your progress. I SO wanted to do this with you but could not dream of keeping up. (My quilting teacher calls me meticulous---perhaps a nice way of saying "SLOW"!) Your blog is an inspiration. I am wondering: is belonging to a guild helpful?

  3. Margarita, Lara gave me some excellent selections, I agree. I've been distracted over the last couple of days and not done my mock up yet - but for now, I am dithering between dropping the dark brown or the green. Whichever I drop from the quilt top I'll use as the binding.

  4. Hi caelamb, thankyou for your comments!

    I have to say that being meticulous is absolutely the best talent you could have when working through this book.

    I am a retired insomniac, so I have lots of time to do this. All those 'extra' hours I have in a day just make it seem like I work fast.

    As to joining a guild? Well, if you want to be surrounded by very experienced, extremely talented people, who fall over themselves to help beginners,then yes - definitely join a guild. :)