Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Friday, January 29, 2010

Project 11 - Carrie's Inlaid Tile Table Runner - Assembly

No dramas with this one - it went together beautifully.  There are a couple of suggestions in the book on how to layout the finished blocks - as a table runner in various sizes or as a quilt.  I shuffled the blocks around to try these suggestions out.

Long table runner layout (as per the book)

Quilt Layout

Short Table Runner with potential border selection

Harriet says laying out this top is a brain bender, which can take a bit to figure out.  I didn't find this at all, in fact I found setting the design a chinch.  I would select a colour - say green - and lay that one to the top left corner.  I now know that all the green patches of the blocks must alternate top or bottom.  It's that easy.  Of course doing the mock-ups helped a lot in sorting out how the pattern works.

There are a lot of seams in this top.  A LOT of seams.  Putting it all together made me realise why Harriet was so insistent in the instructions on precision - measure, trim, then measure and trim again, seam by seam.  If the blocks aren't exactly to size, assembly would be a nightmare.

I pinned this top at every seam, as it's so long it could get out of alignment easily.  Using a walking foot really helps too.

LOTS  of pinning!

I was really happy with the way my seams matched up.  Not perfect, no, but better than I hoped for, and a big improvement on when I started these projects

The seams match up nicely - the extra work in measuring and trimming pays off.

Check it out!

Table Runner - the borders will make a huge differance to the finished look.

The quilt looks pretty much as I expected it to - a nice change!  It's very garden-ish in it's colours - blue sky, brown earth, leaves and flowers. 

Only 2 more projects to go before I get to add borders to all my tops and actually start quilting!  Then the all important Final exam quilt - can't wait!


  1. Hi Lesley, Been busy this last week and haven't dropped in. Love the colours in the table runner!

  2. Hi Lesley,
    I love your confidence coming up! The more you do, the better you get. I have so enjoyed watching your progress. I was thinking about you in a class I was teaching in Arizona last week and wondered if part of your pressing problems and bendy strip problems is your ironing board. Is it really hard with just a bit of padding or squishy? We use a Big Board - it is 22" x 60" and is mde of hard plywood. We put a think layer of cotton batting on the wood surface and then cover it with a heavier cotton cover. The hardness of the board helps the iron really push the seam allowances over themselves without distortion. The softer ironing boards and pads can cause quite a bit of distortion. Also a good heavy iron is really helpful. The 20 students in class kept saying by the end of the class that they now figured out it is really about pressing and trimming! I really like you Inlaid Tiles. Can't wait for you to tackle the Final. Thanks for sharing!