Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 9 - Interlacing Circles - My Art Nouveau Top

Well, after all the fussing prior to cutting the strips, it came together pretty quickly.

I'm pleased with the change from cream to yellow and happy enough with the end result.....although  I am wondering whether reversing the placement of the purple and mauve would be more effective within the design.

When I visualised the quilt top at the fabric selection stage, this is not what I saw.  Despite colouring in the design with pencils, despite paper mock-ups and despite bothering lots of people with questions, I failed to see the end result.

I'm not displeased with how it turned out, but am now wondering if being able to 'see' a finished design at the fabric selection stage comes with experience, or is it something you have a knack for (or not a knack for). 

There were minimal problems with sewing this top together.  Here's a list:

Cutting out too many yellow strips.
Not cutting out enough floral strips.
Stitching thin at the end of the seam (I don't always do this, but once is too often)
Forgetting to engage the walking foot throughout the entire piecing exercise
Unpicking the very last (of course) seam, after a curious kitten had a bite at the thread running from the spool to the machine.  She managed to pull the thread out of the tension discs and I didn't notice. 

The top is displayed on my Art Deco 1937 Jones treadle.


  1. It has turned out lovely, Lesley! You have done an abfab job! :-)

  2. This looks great, even if it is not you imagined. You are motoring along so fast, anyone would think you were retired!

  3. Hi Lesley

    great blog. Keep up the excellent patchwork!

  4. Hi Lesley-
    Your quilt turned out great! And you are entirely right.... being able to see the quilt while you are mocking it up and what it looks like on graph paper or even a mock up are two different things and it does come with experience. I'm glad you had success with my quilt!
    Carrie Hargrave

  5. Thank you all - I love to get your comments, it helps keep me working hard!

    Carrie! I'm thrilled you've had a look at my work. I do apologise that I said this top was Harriet's design. It's yours and I've corrected the text on my blog. I really like this design, and hope to make a bigger one when I get the time.