Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project 10 - Double Nine Patch - Continued

The patches laid out for assembly into blocks.

Today I finished assembling the combined 9-patch chain blocks.  This took some time, as they were stitched together individually instead of chain stitched, so as to keep the blocks in order.

As expected, the extra pressing and handling distored the blocks and there was a lot of trimming to do.  I did expect this, but looking at the amount I had to do to get these blocks square, it seemed excessive.  This is waaayyyyy too much trimming.  I need to do better.

Once these 12 blocks were assembled, it's time to cut out the solid squares for the next set of blocks, the 13 large nine patch blocks.

I had a re-think on my fabric choices and went back to my original plan (sorry Floyd).  I was a little concerned about how the blue would work, considering it's essentially a stripe pattern.

I selected a bottle green with a large sunflower print instead - from the Full Sun collection by Maywood Studios.

These blocks all got completed today - again some trimming was necessary.  I'm not sure why my blocks are not staying square, but I strongly suspect it happens in the pressing stage.   I've tried all sorts of techniques to minimise distortion, and they have helped, but not eliminated the problem.

Is that too much trimming for 13 blocks?  I think so.

All that's left to do to complete this top is the assembly - my assignment for tomorrow.  Then fabric selection for the next project!

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