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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project 12 - Double Irish Chain Quilt - Borders

I know I'm jumping ahead a bit here, but this quilt is to be gifted to my grandson next month and I want to make sure I get it finished.

The double irish chain quilt top

I had intended to try mitred borders, but this quilt needs a double border and the instructions for double mitered borders aren't included in this book - I have to wait for the next one.  So double butted borders it is.

I made this top very colourful, suitable for a young boy and the outer border is busy and colourful as well, so a plain 'resting place' border was needed between the two.

I chose a plain blue for the inner border, with a finished width of 1 inch.  The second border is a circus print and is finished at 4 inches.

What a difference a border makes!  They really bring out the colours in the quilt top.

The bordered quilt top

Border details

I am hoping this will be a much loved, drag around, cuddle up blankie favourite and that with a bit of an 1-spy feel to it, (spot the lion, find the tiger etc). and the bright colours, he will want to use this quilt a lot.  The backing will be all in the circus print fabric.   

The quilting suggestion in the QA book are a circle of hearts in the yellow blocks, a grid pattern and a continuous heart-to-heart border.  I really like the quilt design and want to use it.  I've not tried FMQ with hearts, but will practice them tomorrow.  There is a circle of hearts pattern in Harriet's Heirloom Machine Quilting book, but not the border one.  I'll try to find a stencil or pattern, or maybe try to draw one up myself.

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