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Friday, July 23, 2010

Project 14 - The Final - Quilting

Finally - The Final! 

I've been playing with designs again.  I briefly considered grid quilting, but the blocks are so large, they need something a bit more 'quilty' (I think I just made up a word).

Remember, this was the quilt with no instructions, which meant there also was no grid size given.  My version ended up with 15 inch square blocks, the largest I've done yet.  I've selected a fleur-de-lis (or is that trefoil) design, from 2 different stencils - a block stencil combined with bits of a border stencil.  I made up a practice sample and am pleased with how it looks. I'll use the border stencil again on the border (how radical of me).

Why is it that cats know instinctively just when to turn their heads away when taking their picture.  Floyd is a master at it - I have more pictures of the back of his head than I have disc space for! 

After making the sample, I'm really aware of how quilt drag or hang-ups can quickly pull you off the lines - this design is really curvy and getting the quilt caught up or dragging pulls me off the design lines instantly.  I'll need to be especially careful quilting this one.


I've joined a new quilting group, which is a bit closer to my new home than the other one.  I'd go to both of them, but they are both held on Wednesdays, which makes it difficult.  Anyway, I asked the girls if I could post some pics on my blog and they agreed, so take a look.

The group, called the Tangled Web Quilters, is set up in a 'shed' on a farm.  To get to the shed we need to run the gauntlet of various animals which wander all around the place and show a lot of interest in anyone coming through the gate. 

The Shed - aka Cobweb Cottage

Dogs, chooks, alpacas and sheep all living happily together

Donkeys, ponies and pups looking for company

Very pretty!  Jenny has planted a garden for us

It was a very small group that day, probably it was so cold, the water pipes had frozen!  There are usually lots more of us

Meet Jenny, Alison, Suzanne, Kylie and Vicki

Inside 'the shed' it's very pretty and cosy - we tend to stay all day.

I hope you liked meeting some Tassie quilting ladies - I know I did!


  1. Oh how fun! I love that "shed" - it truly does look cozy.

  2. I could just do with a bit of time away and that place looks like the ideal place to be right now,
    Love the bit about Floyd ,
    Take care

  3. Wow, great shed and nice setting! Lol,I used to have a white cat named Floyd and he was a camera hog.

  4. Another Quilt Group!!!! Mmmmm, when will that house work get done!!!! Sounds wonderful, and your sewing room (what I could see in the photo) looks well used and comfortable already , or at least Floyd thinks so.

  5. Cheeky Susan..... Housework days are Mondays & Thursdays - with tidy ups in-between. Group day is Wednesday. No kids at home now so not much mess. The sewing room is fantastic - I love it. Floyd loves it too, but Anni is banned - she is too naughty.

  6. You are TOO organised, Housework days in my house are more like 31 July, 17 Sept and 28 January, if I can squeeze it in!!!!!, with maybe a couple fo random tidy-ups in between.