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Monday, July 5, 2010

Back To Work

After some distractions and lots of procrastination, I'm finally back to some serious work in my sewing room.  Not quite ready for a full on routine, at least not until the husband is back at work (I'm sure many of you can relate to what a serious distraction husbands on holiday can be), but a start has been made.

First, I finished at last, the Double Chain Nine Patch quilt.  As you may recall, I messed up the grid quilting on this one, and lost interest before finishing it.  Now that it's done, I've decided it's not so bad.  I like the design and the fabrics, the sunflower and border quilting I'm happy with, so all in all, I can live with the 'creative' grid lines.

It looks just fine from a distance!

The back - you'll need to click on the pic to see the quilting

In preparation for John's return to work (and my return to quilting),  I've added borders to another 2 projects - the scrappy version of the Double Irish Chain and The Final.  I've not decided on quilting designs yet for either of these, but I'll figure that out this week and get them prepped for quilting.

After these, I still need to put borders on the inlaid tile table runner, but as I'm using a stripe border and need mitred corners, I decided to skip that one for the time being. 

The scrappy Irish Chain has a double border in dark & mid browns

The Final has a very wide 10" single border which will give me a lot of quilting options.  Sorry about the pic, the quilt is too large for 1 person to hold up properly.

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  1. Wow- Lesley- looks like you are wrapping up Vol 1 very nicely and about ready to move on to Vol 2! Great job!