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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project 5 - Log Cabin Completed

After the disappointment of the mitered borders on the triple rail fence, I moved straight onto the next project - Carrie's Patriotic Log Cabin.  Following the suggestion in the book, this quilt top didn't have borders added, so I went straight onto the quilting.

Using a couple of the stencils Harriet sent, I tried a variety of marking techniques - air dry purple pen, blue water soluable pen and pounce powder.  The ponce and stencil combination is really quick and effective too, and it washed out nicely.  I'll definitely use it again.  It's hard to see in the pic, but there are 5 of the large design in each of the 4 light areas and one in the centre, then there are 8 smaller designs around the edges.

I ditch stitched and did a diagonal cross across each block before doing the free motion.  Matilda's Own cotton batting, grey Signature thread in the bobbin (which hides nicely, if not completely on the dark blue tie dye backing) and Sew Art nylon in the needle.  I love the Sew Art!  It's very soft, not brittle at all and doesn't shine.  I can't buy it here yet, but am trying to find a supplier.  Thank you Harriet for this thread - but now I've been spoiled, nothing else will do.

Quilting from the back

The quilting only took an afternoon, and I had it bound and washed by last night.  It's wrinkled up nicely, the way I like it. 

Another one done!

Next is the quilting for the triple rail fence.  I have it sandwiched and ready to go for ditch quilting.  I've chosen a small design to go in each block, so it's going to take quite a while to complete.

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  1. Lesley-
    This turned out lovely! I hope you know how much I enjoy looking at your blog- as I am a bit behind you but it really gives me a lot of inspiration- watching your progress.

    I'm starting Harriet's Woodland Winter Quilt today after work. I have finally settled on the fabric I want to use.
    Thank you for the info about the Sew Art nylon thread, I'm going to have to look into trying that one.
    When you say you stitched in the ditch prior to free motion- do you mean you did the perimeter of each block first? I am looking at the photo of the back and am not seeing it.

    Great work as always!