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Monday, December 14, 2009

Quilter's Academy - Freshman Year

Now that I have retired, I am going to learn to quilt.  After a couple of tries at doing this with the help of a book or two and a class here and there, I am instead going to be using Harriet Hargraves Quilter's Academy series.

Harriet Hargrave is a master quilter who has been teaching her art for over 30 years.  Harriet, along with her daughter Carrie, have begun a series of books which incorporate all these years of lessons into what will eventually become 6 volumes of teaching books.

Quilter's Academy Vol 1 - Freshman Year is the first in the series and as yet, the only one to have been published so far.  It covers the basics - tools, drafting, cutting, sewing and pressing - with emphasis on precision.  Only strips and squares are used for the 11 projects in the first book.

Over the 6 volumes in the series, skills will be built in order.  By the end of the entire 'college course' I should be able to draft, design and sew up any quilt I want and have a PhD in Master Quilting.


So much for the intro - the reality will be dealt with here.


  1. I'm so glad to have found your blog! I'm a long-time quilter, but not particularly happy with my piecing accuracy. I've even taught beginners, but wouldn't mind sharpening my own skills, so I believe I might just join you in this process. I'll have to buy the book, of course, but I'll check back in with you to see how you're doing & will post my progress as well. Once I've started, I'll give you my blog address, too.

  2. Lesley, I hope to soon be joining you in an effort to improve my skills. Though it will take me more than 4 years to complete I'm sure.

  3. Hi Jay & quiltin cntrygrl! Welcome to my blog.
    If you get the book and follow the lessons to a T, you can't help but improve your skills. Time given to practice is the best investment you can make to improve your hobby. I hope you both enjoy the process as much as I have. I've love to see the progress you make - please do send pics or start a blog!

  4. I'd love to know what you decided to do about tearing your fabric? How much extra fabric to purchase if you do tear? How far in do the threads usually turn on really good quilting fabric? I'm scared that they will turn in too much.

  5. Nice to read your blog. I am living in Darwin and working through the QA books as well. Haven't been blogging through them though. Lovely to read through your journey.

  6. Congrats on finishing Vol. 2 Sophomore year. I just started Vol. 1 Freshman year & will be following your progress. I am so glad also to find someone else learning Harriet's process.

  7. I just took a short Quilters Academy from Harriet in Flagstaff AZ at Quilt Camp. I learned a great deal from her but barely got started on the book. So I decided if I wanted to learn to piece and quilt correctly I would need to work through the books on my own. To help keep me motivated to work on this along with all my other classes and projects I would join/read about others blogs. The fabric that I started with is not that great, but I am determined to see this through. First, I have to do some ripping--yeah!