Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mock Ups

No sewing yesterday or today, the log cabin quilt is currently on hold - it's a busy time of year! 

The next lessons are on drafting, base grids, mock-ups, planning and changing finished sizes (block and/or quilt).  I tried doing this previously for the triple rail quilt.  The book says that drafting etc are necessary so a quilter can break down blocks to their basic elements and re-create them.  These skills are also handy if you are working on a pattern and something goes wrong.  If you have drafting skills, you have the knowledge to figure out the problem and fix it.

The 1st exersize involves drawing up a pattern on graph paper and colouring it in.  The example used is Interlacing Circles (Project 6 from the book).  To do this, you need to have selected some fabrics.  I had a vague idea of the colours I wanted to use and the exersize really helps in getting this right.

There is a purple fabric in the mock up which I would like to use but haven't purchased yet, but you get the general idea.  I like the colours and the fabrics (a bit of an Art Deco feel I think) and will probably go with these when I get to the project.

The next step is to cut up fabric to the grid size and glue it to graph paper in the block design.  I have limited fabric supplies, so I used photocopies instead. 

The mock up is for Project 4 - Country Lanes Table Runner which requires 5 fabrics including a large scale floral print.

This is the large foral print I've chosen

These are the 5 fabrics I chose from my stash

I started off selecting the large floral print, then tried to chose fabrics which worked with it.  I changed my mind several times and ended up making 4 mock-ups, before deciding (although I could change my mind yet).

My original plan was to use the calico print as the main background fabric, but as you can see - it just didn't work.  The small print is too busy.  I opted to use the light green as the background instead.

Better!  In fact I removed the calico entirely, replacing it with the brown and used green & black for the 4 patch squares instead of brown & black.  Hmmm - still not happy though

Hmmm - still something missing.  I seem to have lost one of the 5 fabrics!

This is where I left it.  I could work with this, but maybe I should purchase a different fabric or 2 to improve it.  This block just seems really busy and messy.

Selecting fabrics can be quite difficult for me.  While I liked the pre-cut fabric combination, once they have been chopped into bits, the result is not always so pleasing.  On the other hand, the first one I did, the Interlacing Circles, was put together really quickly, no changes and I liked it instantly.  Sometimes it just works and sometimes it just doesn't.

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