Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Project 4 - Harriet's Triple Rail Fence Quilt

The next project is not unlike the first one except it uses 5 fabrics and 2 different strip sets.  Here is Harriet's version

Harriet says the secret to a good Triple Rail Fence quilt is the fabric selection.  She suggests using a large scale print fabric and 4 others which play well together.  She also strongly suggests making a mock-up of the blocks first, as colour placement can make or break this pattern.

A mock-up consists of sticking bits of your chosen fabric onto graph paper and making up blocks to scale.  I kind of did this - instead of using fabric, I took colour photocopies of a selection of fabrics and pasted those onto graph paper in the triple rail design to see the effect.  Due to my being stingy with printer cartridges, the colours are very washed out (red looks pink) and the mock up is not to scale, but the technique seemed to work.

This is the first fabric combination I tried.
I wasn't overly happy with the effect (you need to squint at it or look at it from a distance - I ran upstairs and looked at it from there) so I got rid of the green/yellow print and tried a yellow gold fabric instead.

I liked the gold fabric better.  The fabric which looks black in the mock up is actually green on dark green. 

I didn't have enough of the red/black print, having only a small piece in my tiny stash, so I headed back to The Quilted Crow, only to find it had been sold out.  Leonie found a red/ivory fabric instead. So here is my final fabric selection - one large floral print (used in both strip sets and the border) and 4 others which hopefully will play well together and not end up in a major clash.

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