Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vol 2 - Project 11 - Harriet's Navajo Dreams - Ian's Quilt

The top is finally finished........... here it is!

Sadly, Harriet's advice (see comments previous post) about not using the square to cut the blocks, but measure the 1/4" seam came a bit too late.  I had to do some creative sewing, but managed to not lose any points.

I auditioned a couple of background fabrics, one was too busy and another too pale.  This one, which reads black from a distance, is actually covered with tiny brown and grey dots.

Not all the fabrics worked well when cut up into 1" squares - particularly those with animals or pictures - it's a bit disconcerting to find a kangaroo with a lizard leg stuck to it's nose!  The fabrics with all over prints or large repeats looked great though.

I'll baste the sandwich tonight and get started on the quilting tomorrow.  I'm going to use the book as a guide here and do all straight stitching as in the example.  It looks great on Harriet's quilt and will be faster to do I think


  1. Looks great! You've really come a long way. It's been fun to watch from the sidelines.

  2. Looks great. I really like the background fabric you chose.

    I'm working on a dolphin 9 patch quilt and there are squares with random parts or the back halves of dolphins which can also be a bit surprising.


  3. It is so beautiful, I love what you did with this one. I will get there someday!