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Vol 3 - Junior Year

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bits & Pieces


It's a good thing John doesn't feel the cold, because he'd be hard put to wrap himself up in this one.  He says he doesn't mind, because he doesn't see it as a quilt but as a work of art (bless him). 

This is the quilt top from the class I took at our new quilt shop - The Patchwork Cafe.  Lesson 2 was on Monday evening, and the last one for this project.  Next week I'll be doing another class - a Mariner's Compass table runner.

I've been a little aggravated the last couple of days, and today I was downright angry.  Now I have nothing in the world to be angry about - life is good!  It took me a while but I think I figured out the problem.  It's the quilt I've been working on!

I know about how colours can affect moods and all that, but I've never really taken much notice of the theory.  If there are changes, then they are pretty subtle and unnoticeable.  But take a look at this quilt, which I've spent the last couple of days working on................

 That's a pretty aggressive looking quilt!

Not only are the colours aggressive but the design is all sharp points and zig-zags, not a gentle curve to be found. The more I worked with this, the angrier I became, to the point where today I felt nauseous whenever I want near it.  I had considered adding some contrast colours to tone it down, or a plain dark border, but was instead defiant and went whole way -no place for the eye to rest, no relief from the 'in your face' attitude of this quilt.  I'm naming it KRAKATOA.

I'm considering quilting it in long curves from top to bottom, using a twin-needle and a combination of threads in yellow, orange, red and maybe a touch of green and blue.  I sort of want the quilting to look like flames consuming this piece.  I have no idea what I'll do with it when it's finished - even the cats stay away from it - no kidding. 

This is the group I go to each Wednesday (but not today as I was feeling rather unwell & anti-social)! We've started a blog of what we get up to.  Not much there yet as it's early days, but please drop by from time to time and take a look.  We'd love to hear what you have to say!

 Tangled Web Quilters  - click the link and say hello!


  1. I love it (but I don't think that's the best photo of me).

  2. Haha, yes I do like John's quilt, but the red one needs serious anger management, LOL! The colour contributes, but I think mainly it's the design - which is quite aggressive. It looks like it's shouting! The black borders on each strip inhibit the flow of colour through the quilt. Very interesting.

  3. Wow that is an amazing French Braid quilt!! It's beautiful in a terrifying way!! Did you have these colors in your stash? Great use of border material!!

  4. John's right! It is a work of art - just beautiful!

    The agressive French braid quilt most certainly could affect ones' mood. I believe that's why quilting is rather therapeutic.

    Glad to hear you have a Tangled Web Quilter's blog...our group around here should try a blog - great idea!