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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vol 2 - Project 6 - Four Patch Lattice - Getting it together

Finished assembling this quilt top today -

Sorry about the crooked photography!

I almost achieved what I was looking for - a blended style quilt.  In the end I wasn't brave enough to have a totally blended look and compromised by using a contrasting sashing and not allowing the block pattern to get totally lost amongst the fabrics.  I really wanted to try red but didn't have enough fabric left.

This quilt is all about the fabrics.  I think I must have agonised over fabric selections more with this project than with any other.  The main fabric and the large leaf border fabric were chosen first - no competition there - but the co-ordinating colours and patterns caused no end of angst!

As mentioned in a previous post (it's been a while) the fabrics come from Jason Yenter's Floragraphix collection by In The Beginning.  I have several pieces from Floragraphix I, II & III and they all work together beautifully, perfect for a blended quilt top.  Alas - too many choices.

The blocks sat on the design wall a long time, as I tried out different sashings.  I finally got the choices down to six (!)
Click on the pictures for a closer look

Once I made a final choice, it was time to select fabric for the cornerstones.  It's amazing how much difference a 1 inch square of fabric can do to the finished look.

While the fabric choices had me bogged down for almost a month - the assembly was quick.  It took only a couple of hours over 2 days to get it all together.  The only difference between this quilt and the previous couple was the addition of cornerstones, so I'm getting rather familiar with the assembly process now.

A closer look at the final selection

And after all the indecision and agonising - the finished top looks very much like the first mock up I drew - the only difference being the colour of the cornerstones.
What was that saying about the first thoughts/impressions usually being the correct one?


  1. Beautiful! I totally get the agonizing over the right fabrics thing. Am currently trying to choose the "right" combination for Town Square/Asian Nights.

    Cheers, Kirsten

  2. Brilliant! Your choice of using red in the 1" squares is spot on - great job!

  3. Hi ladies. Rocknquilts, I see you've been busy poking around my blog. Thankyou for the input and comments. Sadly I can't return the favor and comment on your blog as it's now restricted to only team members.