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Friday, October 15, 2010

Checking In

Hello everyone.  Just a quick post to let you all know I'm still here and still plodding along.  I've been a little 'off' recently - not ill enough to stay in bed and rest, but enough to feel a bit lost and disorganised.  I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that, jumping around from one thing to another.

I've managed to finish off a couple of things.....  Julie's Quilt is quilted, washed (successfully...phew) and bound and will be delivered to her this weekend.  Pics to come later.

The Sampler is quilted and awaiting the binding to be sewn down ...........

I'm part-way through quilting Bryce's Quilt - the grids on the 9-Patches are done and am now pondering with an idea for the remaining squares..........more to come later.

The Cabin in the Cotton Re-make is ready for construction and has been sitting on my design wall for a couple of weeks now - it's a bit further along than this pic - the side triangles are on and all I need to do is sew on the long sashings.and .........oh yes! I have a proper design wall!

 The design curtain wasn't working - if I didn't use pins the blocks would fall off and using pins is really not how a design wall is supposed to work.  It was easier to use the floor as that's where the blocks ended up anyway. 

Hubby John put this portable wall together for me.  We found some 'Soft Board' at the hardware - it's like a modern version of the old Caneite stuff we used as pin board in school.  We bought 2 sheets of the Soft Board and John set them into a timber frame so there was no flexing of the boards.  We then stapled cotton fleece over the top and voila!  The wall is portable (but a bit heavy and awkward to move around too often) and has rubber stoppers on the bottom, so I can lean it and it stays put.  Anyway, it works a treat and I love it!  So very, very cool to use and makes a huge difference with quilt construction.  I've put it in front of one of the windows (because if you remember, there are more windows than walls in this room) - I've lost a bit of light, but it's totally worth it.

Oh, I've also been working on a group project with the Tangled Web Quilters (TWQ) - I can't say much about it (all very hush, hush you know), but it has caused me same angst, as it involves processes I'm not familiar with.  I'm learning though and the girls are very patient in answering my questions and helping to sort out my little problems with it.

A bit more work on the Crazy Patches and some playing around with fabrics for the next project has taken up some more time as well as slow progress on the Hexagons.  The TWQ joined up with another quilting group a couple of weeks back and having the hexies on hand to grab and go, is great when you can't haul your machine along. 

I want to finish up all the little left-overs before moving on - which means 1 quilt top to finish, then 2 1/2 quilts to quilt and more work on the TWQ project.  There are also some ideas for Christmas gifts floating around in my head, so it may be a while before I move onto the next project.

I've been too disorganised to blog lately, but am slowly getting it together - hopefully next week will see me back to my old self!

Lesley XXX

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