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Friday, May 14, 2010

Project 9 - Interlacing Circles - Quilting

It's done!  I think this is the most quilting I've done on a single top so far.  I stole a few hours here and there,  finished it 2 days ago and should have the binding done by now, but have been a good girl and have been busy packing boxes instead.  Been too tired to blog.

The quilting is impossible to see from the front, so I've taken the rest of the pictures from the back

The circles are all finished, and  I added some stippling to give the hearts in the centre more definition - stippling is still difficult for me, but it's better than my first attempt.  I kept going outside the area, as the lines were really hard to see, so I filled a bobbin with invisible thread, popped the cotton through the needle and flipped the quilt over.  It was much easier to work from the back and some orange chalk lines helped too.

yep - the last one is better than the first one!

Next were the three borders.  The first border is a loopy heart - fun and easy to do.

I combined this border with an 'orange peel' one - they go nicely together.

Finally, the feather cable border.  It's an open feather design, so not difficult to do.  The hard part was lining up the design at the corners.

a bit of an oops there on the cable - funny how I don't notice these until I take a photo!

This time I got some pleating and puckering on the back of the quilt.  I blame this on the basting spray, very few pins and no ditch stitching.  Another lesson learned!

Pleats & Puckers


  1. Turned out wonderful! Did you do this on a long-arm or on your sewing machine?

  2. Hi Sharon

    It was all done on my home sewing machine and I had lots of fun doing it!


  3. Great Job on your Quilting....