Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vol 3 Project 1 - Carries Table Runner

The first project in Vol 3 is a table runner where all those half square triangles made during the techniques exercise are used.

I will admit to getting quite confused with the instructions - not for making the table runner, but for which colours to make the HST's and how to press the seams.  In the end I just repressed some and worked with what I had.

Laying out and sewing in order is the key to making this block.  And pins are your friends!

Layout and sew in order
After fanning the seams there is always at least one seam turned the wrong way!

Sew up four sets of units to make up one block
Finished Pinwheel Block
So in my confusion with the instructions, I ended up making too many Pinwheel Blocks - apparently I only needed one.  The table runner is supposed to be make up from a selection of layouts using the half square triangles I'd made.  I decided to go with what I had started and used only two different blocks, the Pinwheel and the Hourglass.

I think this is an Hourglass block.  In the book the illustration shows an Hourglass, and the photos show the Whirlwind.  Anyway I ended up making 4 Pinwheel and 4 Hourglass blocks.
 Hourglass block layout
Sew four units then sew four units!!
Every seam is turned the wrong way! LOL  Note the seams are pressed open for these blocks - maybe fanning the seams was a bad idea.
Okay, I have my 8 blocks made up of Half Square Triangles.  I chose 2 Pinwheel and 2 Hourglass blocks for the centre of the table runner and left the others for the sides.  The instructions are very scant for putting the table runner together.  For those of us following through the books in order, this is no big deal and it's easy to do using knowledge gained through previous projects. 
Block layout
Sashings were used to join the centre blocks
Borders are added to the centre blocks
Side setting triangles are added to the side blocks
Borders are added to both ends and mitred
(thanks to Trish for helping me with this part)!
The finished top.  Black binding will pull it all together.
The first part of this book, long before you get to the first project, there is a lot of instruction on cutting and sewing triangles.  Harriet suggests all sorts of tools and techniques to make sewing triangle blocks successful.  The main emphasis is on how to avoid floating points and lost points - I managed to make both of these type of points as well as crocked and mismatched ones.
I'm going to have to read this section again.  There was a pretty long break for me between reading the tips and doing the sewing (ahem I had lots of free motion quilting to do).  As a result, my triangle blocks are quite pathetic. Sigh.  The busy border print was chosen to distract from the actual blocks - I think the choice was successful



  1. Thanks so much for returning to the QA books. The table runner is really very pretty. I agree about your border print. Please show another picture after the black binding is on.

  2. Another Carrie table runner with Mitered borders??? LOL. I can't finish the first one in Vol. 1! I hope they have better instructions by vol 3! However, you mention having Trish help. Maybe I just need real life help in some cases.