Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing Space Takes Shape

Nearly every house move has its problems, and ours yesterday was no exception.  The truck was too small and a lot of our stuff was left behind - much of which was my sewing furniture.  Still, from problems come opportunities, and I got creative with what I had.  The Quilter's Academy books cover in detail setting up a sewing space, so I tried to follow Harriet's advice as much as I could, using whatever I had.

A cabinet which was destined for the shed, has became a very practical ironing station.

I think this cupboard was originally a microwave cabinet.

This orphan office bench, makes a great ironing table, to replace the one still at the old house.  It's actually much better, as it has very convenient built-in storage.

Once the fabric is moved, I can make good use of those shelves!

This old office table, also destined for the shed, I've 'borrowed' as a cutting table.  It can also be used as a sewing table for the dressmaking machines.  I may keep this instead of going back to the folding tables I was using before (which are still at the old house).

The Pfaff, the overlocker & the coverstich machines can be used on this table for dressmaking

In Quilter's Academy 2, Harriet talks about storing fabric, and one idea I really like is to use office filing cabinets.  I gathered up this one - it's shallow drawers could be useful for fat quarters.

I shoved my quilting fabric into the shelves under the ironing table as I unpacked it but it's ultimate destination will be in this wardrobe which won't be needed elsewhere in the new house.  It still needs to be put together, but it will hold lots of wire baskets, enough I hope for all the quilting and dressmaking fabrics.  There are actually 2 of these, I may or may not use the other one - it depends on if I have the need or space for it.

It's very tall !!

The Horn cabinet is awaiting the arrival of the Bernina 830 Record

The Horn cabinet can of course be moved to anywhere in the room.  I've placed it in the centre, close to the ironing station, great for piecing.  For quilting, I have the space to surround the cabinet with folding tables for supporting the quilt.

Some storage bins and quilting books are set up and ready.  One of the storage 'towers' lost a wheel in the move, so it's now wheel-less and shorter than the other.  It holds quilting scraps, the other one has various dressmaking notions.

The Singer treadle was left behind but the 201 made it onto the truck, along with the Jones treadle.  I put them in a corner for now.

Almost ready to sew!

I suppose I've been a little indulgent, getting the sewing room functional so quickly, but sometimes a girl needs a place to escape the chaos!  Anyway, the important bits have been attended to - the kitchen is done, the living room done, bedroom done, linen done, the study half done (the computers are set up and working - thanks John!).  The garage, shed & laundry are disasters, so are the spare bedrooms.  No, I'm not Superwoman, we've been moving boxes across in the Ute for the past week and unpacking as we go, which has really helped in getting set up.

 Tomorrow I tackle this room - the place where everything else gets shoved until it finds it's right place(including more sewing stuff)!



  1. Very cool! A woman with her priorities in order. I suppose the kitchen and bedrooms probably did have to come first.

    We are planning to do some room switching and remodeling this summer, with the end result of me having a more dedicated office/craft space than we do now.

    I like the way you've repurposed various pieces of furniture to make it work. Have fun in your new space!

    Cheers, K

  2. Looks like you will have a wonderful set up when it is all finished Lesley, I hope all the stuff you left behind will eventually be pick up.

  3. HI Lesley, It all looks very exciting, and NOT chaotic at all. You have obviously thought about the sewing room layout very carefully. Enjoy!

  4. Wow! I've been wondering how the move was going! Just Lovely!!
    This is the setup I need! Great workspace and you really have it under control! Very well thought out, Lesley, seriously great job! You may not think your superwoman, I beg to differ, a big move and you are able to maintain organization to this degree-Incredible!
    I know your 830 is going to love it's new home as well.
    Oh and I see Kitty likes the new room too!Behave Kitty! :)