Quilter's Academy - Volume 2 - Sophomore Year

Vol 3 - Junior Year

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 14 - Final continues..........

Just a quickie.  I spent most of the day cutting and making up the various sections of Block A.  They are all now complete and I just have to sew the parts together to make up the blocks.

My fabric calculations weren't spot on, but not too bad either.  I cut the exact amount of inches I figured I needed, then added another 2 inches for truing etc.  I will admit to having extra fabric put away, just in case I got it horribly wrong.

I did have to cut an extra strip of the blue from my 'spare' amount, just to cut an extra square or two - that's really frustrating!

The calico has more extra bits as I got a few of the cuts wrong, then I had to 'borrow' an extra couple of strips from the amount I'd put aside to make Block B.  Sadly, I can't use up the scraps for the B Block, as the strips will be a different size.

The leftovers from cutting all the A Blocks.

I think that having to skill to calculate the fabric you need to make a quilt is invaluable, and it's really not that difficult to learn - even for someone like me, who has very basic maths skills.  Although I got it a bit wrong, I'm happy with the result so far.


  1. I have enjoyed your blog. I am not yet able to calculate fabric like you. I hope I get there one day :)

  2. Your work is absolutely amazing. I am waiting for Harriet's books from Betterbooks. I suspect they are stuck in a snowdrift somewhere in the USA! Can't wait to get them! - Cat1

    Does book 2 deal with the actual quilting?

  3. To anonymous - The quilting is dealt with in Heirloom Machine Quilting by Harriet.

  4. Hi Cat1
    As Harriet & Carrie said, all the laying out, basting & quilting is detailed in Heirloom Machine Quilting.

    Don't be intimidated by that book (apparently many are). The examples are amazing, but the book takes you though all the steps you need to get that good. Of course there is practice, practice & more practice.